Thursday, June 25, 2009

Baby Luca Update: 8 months & counting...

About 8 more weeks to go and I am counting down every minute!!! Baby Luca is doing great... growing, moving and kicking A LOT but mama is struggling a bit. I have been having a lot of back problems and was even put on bed rest for a few days last week because of it.... along with that, it has been 100+ degrees here for the past three days. My doctor has promised to induce at 39 wks (the last week of August) if Luca has not already made an appearance... so it will all be over soon and we will have a precious little baby boy to love. I'll keep you updated!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Summertime fun

As an extremely pregnant mother of an extremely active 23 month old, I have been trying to find every possible indoor activity in the area. I feel a little guilty that most of Bella's summer is going to be spend in the A/C but I am sure she won't hold it against me for to long! Thankfully our new house has a lot of trees and our yard is very shaded, providing some relief... but it is just the beginning of our hot Texas summer!

Bella recently figured out how to take many of her clothing items off and is very proud of herself!
Little drummer girl
Hanging with Dada

Play dough with cousin Ali & Luke
Bella & Sophie at Abbey's Playtown. Abbey's playtown is going to save me this summer. If you live in the area, you have to check it out. It is an indoor play area for 0-3 yrs. Bella loves it!

Dress up time... thanks to her cousin Gianna for all the fun clothes!
Bella's first lacrosse lesson. So you may think it is crazy for us to give a 2 yr old a lacrosse stick. But Marc is an avid lacrosse player... playing in HS, college, currently and about to start coaching a HS team. Anyways, she actually really likes it and had a lot of fun. Marc says she's a natural!

In Baby News: I went to the doctor last week and they think I may have gestational diabetes. Yuck.... so I have to go in Monday for a 3 hour glucose test.... more yuck! Either way it looks like they are going to move Luca's due date up at least a week... yea!... making his new arrival time sometime during the last wk of August.