Sunday, May 25, 2008

Fun in the Sun!!!

After bathing Bella from head-to-toe in sunscreen, we were off to our backyard for her first official playtime in the water and Texas sun! We got her a little water pad that gently sprays water... in hopes of not overwhelming her with too much and at the same time allowing her some freedom.... since she does not like to be imprisoned in objects for fear of being expected to take a nap (e.g.; she hates her pack n play). She wasn't sure at first... I think mainly due to the fact that the water was not 90 degrees like at swim class, but ended up having a great time.

50% of her time was spent playing in the pool....

.... while the other half she investigated the hose,
and why this guy didn't have a nose.
Then we went to go look at Mommy's tomatoes. After her first choice, dirt, was "NO, NO"-ed ...
Bella went for the tomatoes.

Needless to say, she enjoyed picking them more than eating them!

Friday, May 23, 2008

10 months and growing...

Well, Isabella has officially hit double digits.... 10 months! She is just the happiest little angel we have ever met and we are so thankful to have her! She is getting so big and learning so much. I would guess that she will take her first steps some time in the next few weeks. I hope so because Marc and I don't want to miss it and have made the family members keeping Bella while we are on vacation promise they will not tell us if she starts to walk while we are gone. They are just going to let us think we saw the first step... even if it is not! :)
Bella loves books... but mostly turning the pages!

This is a few minutes before a much needed nap.... she's zoning out!

Currently, my favorite facial expression.
I LOVE her SO much! What a face!

Testing out Auntie Em's new luggage
There's my favorite face again

Underwater pic from swim class.
Mother's Day!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Miss Em's birthday weekend!

We had a huge birthday celebration this past weekend! Our family has a lot of May birthdays but Emily, my little sister, had an especially special birthday.... her 18th!!! I can't believe she is an 'adult' now AND leaving for college soon. I am so excited for her and all the changes in her life but am going to be SUPER sad to move her off to college. Anyways.... Friday was her birthday and Mom and I had been working for weeks on surprise signs to post on her drive to school. Then the family members who could make it were waiting with balloons and breakfast in the school parking lot. Emily was so surprised and loved all the attention!

Fam waiting in the parking lot...

Later that night my mom, Aunt Judy, cousin Dave, Brandon, adopted sis Talor, Emily and her beau, Brian and I went to an amusement park with thrill rides (bungee, sky coasters, etc).

Dave and Talor

I just went to watch and be apart of the fun (due to my fear of heights)... but was tricked into going on the sky coaster.

Not fun!!!

Dave and Brandon

Dave and Brandon hurling head first towards the ground!

Em and Brian

To finish the birthday weekend, we celebrated all the family birthdays in May.
Ali Grace swimming.

Luke testing out his new mask and flippers.

The Castaldo Clan w/ shades!

The girls... Emily, Mom, Bella and me.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Our 6th Anniversary

Last weekend, for our 6th anniversary,Marc and I went to back to San Antonio where we got engaged. It was so much fun! We stayed at a wonderful inn called the Inn on the Riverwalk. It was located right on the river and we could walk every where we need to go. The innkeepers were a young couple and extremely nice and helpful. If you plan on going to San Antonio any time soon, I highly recommend it....

Here is a picture of the main house at the inn.

This is our balcony....

our view of the river....

our cozy room....

Marc had never been to Sea World, so we spent the day there on Saturday. The weather was perfect and we had a great time.

On our way home!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Teeth, tantrums and Tucker

Marc and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary last weekend in San Antonio... (hopefully I can get some of the pictures posted next week.) Anyways, Bella stayed with my parents. It was the first time we had been away from her for more than 24 hours. Yeah, I know she is almost a year old and I need to cut the cord but she is (usually) such a joy to be around that there is really no reason to need to get away. But our anniversary was one of them! We had a great time but I don't know that my parents did. Bella is/was teething two teeth at once and she is/was fussy and had fever all weekend.

Along with the pains of teething, Bella has entered a new phase in her life: throwing screaming tantrums. Well, I don't know that they can officially be called tantrums, but they are as close as a 9 month old can be to throwing tantrums. Someone seems to have flipped a switch on her one day and now whenever I tell her she can't play with my cellphone.... she screams. If I don't follow one bite of food immediately with another.... she screams. If she can't shred my grocery list while shopping... she scream. Needless to say, I will not be sad to see this phase fade out!

But even through the teething and tantrums.... she is still such a little angel and SO much fun! She is learning so much, it is hard to keep up. She has
.... mastered clapping and waving
...somewhat able to say "bye-bye"... although it comes out "dye-dye"
... learning how objects can go in and out of containers
... can stand on her own without holding on to anything for a few seconds
... can open cabinets, toilet lids and flip phones! :)
.... but the overall favorite new skill she uses everywhere we go is FLIRTING!!!
Bella wants/demands the attention of everyone in the room, whether she knows them or not. She plays peek-a-boo, offers them toys & Cheerios, waves and bats her eyes at anyone who will pay attention.

Below are a few recent pics:

Bella found Tucker's chew stick and really liked it...
.... and being the sweet girl that she is, she offered it to Tucker

( sorry, I accidentally erased the picture and can't get it back here!)

... who gladly accepted!
But then we he did not give it back... things got a little hairy!
Max then took the stick from Tucker, but Bella was ready to fight for it no matter who had it!
Bella's new play spot!

New favorite treat.... GOLDFISH!!!