Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Separation anxiety...

Marc and I are off to Bonaire tomorrow to go diving for SEVEN days with our family!!! I know we are going to have a wonderful time but it will be the longest we have ever been away from Bella. She is going to have a blast hanging out with Chery, Scott & Katie for the first few days and then her Nonna and PopPop for the last part of our trip.... I am sure she will not even know we are gone! Please send a quick prayer my way that I will only cry a few times while we are gone :) and that everyone traveling and at home will remain safe in God's hands!
Promise to post pics when we return!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Baby steps!

Bella has taken her first steps.... YEA!!! My wonderful husband was so patient with me last week when I woke him up early one morning (after he had gotten home from work at 4:30am and just falling asleep) to show him how Bella could step/tumble towards me. It was a big milestone and I knew he would not want to miss it. We are both relieved to witnessed the big event.... as I had been stressing we would miss it while on vacation in a few weeks. I think my cousin and in-laws (who will be watching Bella while we are gone) are equally relieved that they will not have to lie to us, as they were instructed to should she start walking while we are gone!
Flirting with cousin Katie at a family party.
Mommy's favorite face.
Just a naked bottom picture for fun.

Bella loves to crawl under & in things, so I made her a fort/cave in our living room with couch cushions. She drug all of her stuffed animals in with her so they could enjoy too.
Holding court with her stuffed animals.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Dallas World Aquarium

I can not believe I have lived in DFW for all my life and have never been to the Dallas World Aquarium.... it was amazing! Marc, Bella and I went last week and had a wonderful time. It is basically an indoor rain forest and is so authentic looking that I had to keep reminding myself I was inside a building in downtown Dallas. It is set up so none of the animals seems to be 'caged' or at a zoo. I told Marc that if I was a monkey, I would want to live there.

5 story waterfall ...

... that fed into a lagoon with turtles, manatees and lots of other fish. In the middle of the lagoon is an island with lot of different birds and monkeys.
Bella had a great time and loved looking at all the animals.

On the top level was a really good restaurant that over looked another waterfall. Bella has a lime in her mouth in the picture below. She loves limes and lemons.... I know, crazy!
Below the lagoon where you can see all the animals up close.

This tunnel reminded me of Jaws! There were all kinds of rays and sharks swimming around.

By far, Bella's favorites were the penguins... and they were equally fond of her!

This was our sign that it was time to go... rubbing Bunny-Bunny on her nose, but we had a great time!