Friday, September 12, 2008

Enjoying the last little bit of summer

Summer is coming to an end and I just wanted to share a few fun pics...

Playing in the fountain at Nini (or Nana which Bella seems to have changed it to)

Feeding the ducks with the boys
Bella first rain... well, the first time she went out in the rain. I was interested to see how she would handle being soaked.... and she loved it!

Sorry so blurry... but yes, that is Bella in a punk metallic wig and fairy wings! :)
More dress up....

Flashback Friday

(I stole this idea from my dear friend, Emily, and will try my best to keep up with it.)
Our beautiful little girl.... how much she has grown!!!
September 2007
September 2008

Monday, September 8, 2008

Another fun trip to the zoo

The zoo is always a big hit with Bella... so on Marc's day off we packed up and headed to the zoo. We all had a great time but there was one minor incident where I nearly peed in my pants!
Now that I have a very cute little one, I am always a little leery of the large animals with "reputations"...i.e. lions, gorillas.... basically the animals with large teeth that have escaping their cages and mauled people at the zoo. So... with that being said, we started off our zoo adventure by going to look at the HUGE, silver back gorilla. The HUGE gorilla was close to the glass, so we went over to look at him. I had Bella on the ledge of the window and she was pressed up against the glass pointing and talking to the gorilla. The gorilla (did I mention he was HUGE)slowly inched closer to the glass.... at this point I quietly mentioned to Marc that the gorilla was creeping me out and I felt like he was looking at B as if she was an afternoon snack! Right as he got up to the glass he slowly started to turn around... I assumed, as I had seen many times before, that he was going put his back up to the glass and snub us. Instead, the MASSIVE beast ....who had been moving as fast as an injured turtle earlier.... flew around with all of his body weight and slammed his gigantic hand against the glass right where our faces were!!! It was all I could do to not scream and run... but I didn't want to scare Bella. I looked down at Bella and her eyes were as wide as I had ever seen them and her mouth wide open. She didn't make a sound, just looked to me to see whether or not she should be scared. Marc and I both smiled and kind of giggled at her but inside I was freaking out.
Other than that... the day at the zoo was great!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Keepin' busy

Without a house to tend to, I have had A LOT of extra time on my hands. I am trying to keep busy but am running out of ideas... well, really just running out of money for my many projects.

The headboard I made for our bed (its upside down)...

wall art I made for Bella's room to match her bedding....

shirts for Bella and friends...

In other news, we will officially close on our new house on Sept 23! YEA!!!! We can't wait to have everyone over.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Dress Up Time!

Recently, much to my happiness, Bella has been loving accessories! Tutus, headbands, necklaces... you name it, she wants it on.
Not only is she pushing her doll, phone receiver, my make-up brush and a banana in her stroller.... but she is also walking her dog. What a multi-tasker!

Bella was desperately trying to teach Sadie where her nose was....
but wasn't getting much response...
so she went ahead and helped her out.
She loves this VCR tape case.

I love this look!

In other news, Bella's only two bottom teeth are being joined by FOUR top teeth.... all at once! She is such a trooper.