Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Random Vacation Post - Bahamas Dive Trip

I was going through all of my pictures and came across a lot of vacation pictures from our "pre-Bella" days and thought I would post a few just for fun! Everyone in my family scuba dives and so Marc, my cousin Ken and I decide to go to the Bahamas on a 21 person liver board. It was my favorite vacation yet. All we did was dive, eat, nap and look out at the beautiful ocean!
Here's the boat... The Blackbeard

The hole down to our room that consisted of only bunk beds.... Marc & me on the bottom, Ken on the top! All of our clothes, toiletries, etc were kept at the foot of our bed and to open the door you had to stand on the bottom bunk so the door could swing in, otherwise it would hit you and would not open if you were standing on the floor.

Our view!!!
Marc & me
turtle... my favorite!

The best part of the trip was the shark dive. We knelled on the sand bottom of the ocean (about 20 ft) and the boat captain let down a shish kabob of fish. The sharks swarmed it while we watched and then when all the fish were gone they swam around the reef we were near.

Every once and a while you would turn a corner and be face to face with a rather large shark.

But, by far, the scariest part was when the dive was over and you had to go up to the surface... knowing the sharks were still below you. I kept my mask in the water the whole time looking down and tried not to look like a tasty shark snack!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Plastic Palace

I never thought I would live in a house with SO many plastic and/or rainbow colored things!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Our Two Christmases!!!

We had two wonderful Christmases this year! The first one was Bella's first white Christmas and was in West Virginia with Marc's family. It was a wonderful time and Bella loved all the attention and especially playing with her cousin Gianna. Dress-up was one of there many favorite pastimes!

Bella and Nonna cooking

PopPop reading "Twas the Night Before Christmas"

Would have been the perfect picture..... minus bunny, bunny!

Aunt Katrina bought the girls precious dresses to wear on Christmas and I got a glimpse into what it is going to be like to get two children to sit and smile at the camera at the same time..... pretty much impossible!

The snow starting on Christmas Eve.

The next morning Bella woke up at 4:30AM.... Marc and I didn't really mind because we got a lot of cuddling in but by the time we took her downstairs at 6:30 she was ready to go..... eat snow that is. She started to eat it off the logs Marc brought in for the fire and then I decided to just get her a cup full. She loved it.

The first snowman I ever remembering making... yeah, I know its a sorry lookin' snowman but I'm from Texas.... give me a break!

Then at 7:ooAM right as the rest of the fam was coming down for Christmas morning, Bella crashed and took a quick cat nap.

Playing at the Children's Museum

Just rockin'

I LOVE this picture!

Then came Christmas in Texas with my family. Santa got Bella a ball tent and chair.


The gifts started out reasonable...
... but then soon got out of control. Notice Bella is walled in by her own presents!
Bella and Meghan's new puppy, Stella
Miss Em
My parents gave Bella this climber and it was a HIT!

Bella thought the baby buggy was for her... to heck with those stuffed babies!

Katie & Stella

We hope you all had a blessed Christmas!!!