Saturday, August 23, 2008


Today Bella learned one of the major benefits of living with grandma.... the icing spatula!!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Walkin' wonder

Bella is officially a walker! She had been taking a few steps here and there but a few days ago, she just started strolling around the house. She is constantly in a state of excitement at her new talents. It is so fun to watch her and how happy her new freedom makes her.

Bella's new words: baby, ball, bird, nana (banana), Papa, Nini, Bubba (Uncle Brandon), more, No-no, good girl.

More birthday fun!

These are a little late.... but here are a few more pictures from Bella's birthday celebrations!

Sophie & Bella scoping out the b-day loot
Beautiful girl!
Kathryn, me and our girls
Marc manning the grill
Molly and Maddy taking a bottle break

Bella had a great time!

Music Man... a family affair

Just thought this was fun.... a few weeks ago I was in a musical production of The Music Man, along with many of my family members. We all had such a good time!
Judy, me, Katie, Cheryl & Scott

Homeless but happy.... and more updates!

We are still officially without a home and are living with my wonderful parents until we find our "WOW" house. We have already put three contracts down on different homes but none of them worked for one reason or another. We are putting another offer down tomorrow and hope it all works out. Please keep us in your prayers... we need them!!!
In the meanwhile, we have been very busy and having a great time spending time with the fam.
Nini & Bella feeding the duck. I push car Bella is in is my first garage sale purchase and the best $5 ever spent!!!

Working up a sweat with Papa.
Yes, that is Bella, Tucker and Papa all in the tunnel!
My mom gave Bella some wooden puzzles and she loves sniffing the backs of each piece.

Sleeping beauty!
The crib at my mom's house has wider gaps between each slat than Bella's crib at 'home' and her favorite thing to do is stick her feet outside the crib and swing them back and forth.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Start the Birthday Celebrations!!!

Sorry it has been so long since I have updated... and that I am just now getting around to posting Bella's b-day pictures. Ours lives have been a crazy mess and our computer is packed in a trailer right now... so please forgive me!
Well, we have moved in with my wonderful parents until we find our 'WOW' house.... and the way it is going, we may live with them forever. They have assured me that they will be okay with that living situation but hopefully we can find a place of our own someday soon. After being lied to by our realtor and loosing our mineral rights at closing.... putting offers down on two homes.... loosing both... we are now looking for a new realtor and trying to stay positive! We have prayed a lot about our housing dilemma and know it will all work out in the end.
Enough about that... Bella had a wonderful first birthday and loved every minute of it!!!
Not so sure what to do with her HUGE cupcake...
She caught on quickly!

Feeding Dada...

A little clean up before presents....

Emily and her beau, Brian
Bella examining her new book.

Playing in her new tunnel/tent with Dada
Cousin Sarah and Bella
The end to a wonderful first birthday...