Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A little Halloween fun!

At 3 1/2 months old, Bella can not do a whole lot of trick-or-treatin'... but we could not pass up the chance to put her in a cute outfit. She also had an adorable ghost candy bucket... thanks to her sweet Aunt Katrina. After dinner, Nini (my mother) wanted to do some "light" trick-or-treating and visit a few friends & family in the neighborhood. But Bella had other plans...

... by the time we made our first stop at Aunt Chery's house, Bella was out cold! So that was the end of our first Halloween! :)

Zoo time!

For my birthday, I really wanted to go to the zoo! So my mom, sister, Marc, Isabella and I all packed up and headed to the zoo. The weather was beautiful and Isabella was perfect! I thought we would only stay for an hour or two until Bella got grumpy but she was a doll and we ended up stay for about 4 hours. I was also surprised that she was semi-interested in looking at the animals. It looks like we will be spending a lot of time at the zoo in the future!

Monday, October 29, 2007

No love for the pumpkins...

My mom and I thought we would take Isabella out to our church pumpkin patch to take some cute pictures, but Isabella didn't agree. On the way there she fell asleep and was not happy to be woken up and expected to smile. But even through all the screaming and crying, she is still so adorable!

A few days later we tried again... Bella was mildly curious but didn't have too many smiles for the pumpkins.

When we got home, Bella let me know how she felt about having to take pictures with a bunch of vegetables...

... but I am sure she will love going next year! :)

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Three months and growing...

I can't believe our little angel is already 3 months!!! I know all moms say this... but I really wish I could keep her this little forever. She is changing and learning so much each day!!! I am so blessed to be able to witness each milestone.... thanks to my wonderful, hard working husband!!!

Marc's parents (Nona & PopPop) live in West Virgina and don't get to see Isabella as often as they would like to.... so each month I take Bella's picture with the Pooh bear they gave her to show how much she has grown.

With the help of a few blankets for support, Bella is loving her activity saucer.... and so is her Mommy! :) Since Bella is not big on afternoon naps, the saucer allows me to get a few things done around the house.

Bella loves helping her Daddy in the kitchen... and at $.25 a kiss, we are quickly going broke!

New discovery.... the tongue! When a pacifier is not around and she can't seem to find her own fist, Bella is content to nibble on her own tongue.

With a little bit of concentration, Isabella can get her new found friends (her hands) to actually pick things up!

Summertime fun!

Love from Friends & Fam!

Isabella with "Aunt" Kara & "Cousin" Sara!

Bella is so lucky to have such a wonderful great grandmother... Nannie.

Two weeks ago, Bella and I went to Dallas to visit with my two roommates from college, Kathryn and Emily.... and their beautiful daughters, Sophie & Rebekah!

Kathryn & Bella

Beautiful Sophie Grace checking out her new friend.

Rebekah Grace... isn't she precious!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Hangin' Out

I love hanging out with my little angel! She is starting to really interact with us & things around her ... it is so much fun!

Lookin' pretty and blowin' bubbles.

Even with all the toys around her, Bella still prefers to play with her own hair.

Before bath time....

After bath time!

My favorite past time with Bella.... photo shoots! It may not be her favorite thing to do but she can't protest yet and no one can deny that she is a beautiful model! Yea, I know, I am a little partial... but I can't help it!

Roly Poly

Bella rolled over for the first time last week. We had been practicing for a few weeks just for fun. When she actually rolled onto her back, she was so surprised with herself. I thought maybe it was a fluke but she proved me wrong and rolled over the next day.