Friday, August 22, 2008

Homeless but happy.... and more updates!

We are still officially without a home and are living with my wonderful parents until we find our "WOW" house. We have already put three contracts down on different homes but none of them worked for one reason or another. We are putting another offer down tomorrow and hope it all works out. Please keep us in your prayers... we need them!!!
In the meanwhile, we have been very busy and having a great time spending time with the fam.
Nini & Bella feeding the duck. I push car Bella is in is my first garage sale purchase and the best $5 ever spent!!!

Working up a sweat with Papa.
Yes, that is Bella, Tucker and Papa all in the tunnel!
My mom gave Bella some wooden puzzles and she loves sniffing the backs of each piece.

Sleeping beauty!
The crib at my mom's house has wider gaps between each slat than Bella's crib at 'home' and her favorite thing to do is stick her feet outside the crib and swing them back and forth.

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