Wednesday, September 30, 2009

We made it through the first month... barely!

Yea!!!  We made it through the first month of Luca's life... but just barely!  Let me start off by saying that the Lord knew what he was doing (of course) by not blessing us with twin... if that would have been the case I probably would have committed myself by now.  I never imagined how hard having two little ones would be... no one could have ever prepared me.  And although Luca is a sweet, precious little angel... he also cries most of the day, rarely sleeps and has reflux and colic!  He is however a great eater and has gained 2lbs since birth... which is what is most important.  Bella adores Luca and has surprised us all by how sweet, gentle and loving she is with him.  She does occasionally want Luca to "go in his chair"... AKA his swing... so she can occupy my lap all by herself... but overall is doing great with no longer being the only baby in the house.  

Bella and Sara at Luca's 'coming out party'

Bella and Sophie... little BFFs
PopPop and Nonna came down for a week to meet Luca and help me.  They were such a BLESSING and not only loved on the babies but let me get many nights of sleep.  PRAISE GOD!!


sara said...

i remember those days... chin up it will get better! Swaddle that baby... it might help!!
you're doing a great job taking pictures!!

Mama Em said...

Somehow I missed this sound like me when my Luke was a month old. I thought he'd NEVER stop crying...seriously. It will get better, I promise. My Luke did sleep a ,lo0t- he just cried when awake. I am guessing that since Luca is not sleeping much, this really is colic and not a temperamental thing (like it is with our high-strung boy :))- so make it to 3 months and your life will be infinitely better! He WILL learn to sleep better- they always do. :) Love you.

Mama Em said...

Swaddling did help us a lot- keeping his really tightly nestled and warm was essential.