Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Three months and growing...

I can't believe our little angel is already 3 months!!! I know all moms say this... but I really wish I could keep her this little forever. She is changing and learning so much each day!!! I am so blessed to be able to witness each milestone.... thanks to my wonderful, hard working husband!!!

Marc's parents (Nona & PopPop) live in West Virgina and don't get to see Isabella as often as they would like to.... so each month I take Bella's picture with the Pooh bear they gave her to show how much she has grown.

With the help of a few blankets for support, Bella is loving her activity saucer.... and so is her Mommy! :) Since Bella is not big on afternoon naps, the saucer allows me to get a few things done around the house.

Bella loves helping her Daddy in the kitchen... and at $.25 a kiss, we are quickly going broke!

New discovery.... the tongue! When a pacifier is not around and she can't seem to find her own fist, Bella is content to nibble on her own tongue.

With a little bit of concentration, Isabella can get her new found friends (her hands) to actually pick things up!

Summertime fun!

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Mama Em said...

Tammy- I could just eat her up!!! She is a doll and it is so fun to get to see her via your blog! I check it frequently, by the way, so no worries on my end! ;)