Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Hangin' Out

I love hanging out with my little angel! She is starting to really interact with us & things around her ... it is so much fun!

Lookin' pretty and blowin' bubbles.

Even with all the toys around her, Bella still prefers to play with her own hair.

Before bath time....

After bath time!

My favorite past time with Bella.... photo shoots! It may not be her favorite thing to do but she can't protest yet and no one can deny that she is a beautiful model! Yea, I know, I am a little partial... but I can't help it!


Mama Em said...

Loved getting to meet Bella today!!! She is an angel and I love the last few photos the most! So cute!

Jeannie (Nini) said...

That has to be the most precious baby ever. I LOVE the pictures. What a wonderful blessing to our family and gift from God!

Michelle said...

TAMMY! I found you through Emily's blog! SO FUN! I was beleive it or not talking about you just a couple of weeks ago when I was telling our students about prayer partners... Anyway Bella is SO adorable! i love the out of the bath pic! So cute!