Friday, November 9, 2007

Bella's Baptism

Last weekend was wonderful!!!!

Nona and PopPop (Marc's parents) travel from West Virgina to come to Bella's baptism. The last time they had seen Bella she was only 7 days old.... so it was like meeting a totally new baby. Other than the screaming fit she threw on the way back from the airport, Bella gave her grandparents many coos, cuddles, smiles and love. We are all so glad they made the trip and Bella is so blessed to have two set of amazing, loving and giving grandparents!!!

Saturday night the family got together for dinner...

Bella with her Nini.

Beautiful Ali Grace (3 yrs old), who was so excited to see Bella. Before Bella she was the baby of the family but now is a precious little lady! At one point she looked up at me while holding Bella and said "She is so beautiful." It melted my heart! I pray that Bella will grow up to be as sweet and loving as Ali and her brother Luke. They are such amazing children!

Ali in the poodle skirt her Aunt Cheryl made.

Ali and Katie (another wonderful cousin) loving on Bella.

Uncle Bubba

Sunday morning getting Bella ready for her baptism.

All dolled up and ready...

Pastor Mike

Bella and her HUGE, wonderful, loving family!!!!

After the service, Bella was exhausted!

So she took a short catnap....

... but didn't want to miss out on any of the excitement and was ready for more love and attention!

After a quick wardrobe change, she was ready to play with Aunt Judy and Ali Grace...

Bella has entered the phase of putting everything she can into her mouth... if she can get her hands to cooperate. The Radde family gave her a sweet little lamb that played Jesus loves you and it was quickly slobbered on...

This is her "Who me?!?!?" face.... I LOVE it!!!

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Mama Em said...

Loved the narration...also am loving all her head adornments- you are hilarious! We also have a lamb like that one and R is obsessed with getting it to sing the song- she walks around with it saying "Jesus" trying to get me to put its hands together so she can hear the song!