Friday, June 13, 2008

Baby steps!

Bella has taken her first steps.... YEA!!! My wonderful husband was so patient with me last week when I woke him up early one morning (after he had gotten home from work at 4:30am and just falling asleep) to show him how Bella could step/tumble towards me. It was a big milestone and I knew he would not want to miss it. We are both relieved to witnessed the big event.... as I had been stressing we would miss it while on vacation in a few weeks. I think my cousin and in-laws (who will be watching Bella while we are gone) are equally relieved that they will not have to lie to us, as they were instructed to should she start walking while we are gone!
Flirting with cousin Katie at a family party.
Mommy's favorite face.
Just a naked bottom picture for fun.

Bella loves to crawl under & in things, so I made her a fort/cave in our living room with couch cushions. She drug all of her stuffed animals in with her so they could enjoy too.
Holding court with her stuffed animals.

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