Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Dress Up Time!

Recently, much to my happiness, Bella has been loving accessories! Tutus, headbands, necklaces... you name it, she wants it on.
Not only is she pushing her doll, phone receiver, my make-up brush and a banana in her stroller.... but she is also walking her dog. What a multi-tasker!

Bella was desperately trying to teach Sadie where her nose was....
but wasn't getting much response...
so she went ahead and helped her out.
She loves this VCR tape case.

I love this look!

In other news, Bella's only two bottom teeth are being joined by FOUR top teeth.... all at once! She is such a trooper.


Michelle said...

Love these!

Mama Em said...

So cute!!!!!! I can't believe you still have Sadie!