Saturday, November 1, 2008

Ladybugs, pink eye and more!

(Sorry the pictures are somewhat random but they downloaded backwards for some reason!)

Last Halloween Bella made it to one house before passing out and this year we got to 2 before having a meltdown.... so she's progressing! What more could we ask for! What really counts is how precious she looked in her ladybug outfit. She wasn't a huge fan of the hat that came with the dress, so we opted for a matching bow but did at least get a few pictures in the hat before she ripped it off!

Last week we went to Green Meadows, a petting zoo with pumpkins and a tractor ride. Bella has just recently dropped her morning nap and we are still working out the kinks... so she didn't last very long at the petting zoo. But before her meltdown she did get to play with some of the animals.... her favorite being the goats!!!

the meltdown!

Bella's most recent achievement is being able to put money in the piggy bank her Nona and PopPop gave her.

This week Bella has been trying to get over pink-eye and croup...

Being ill and having a bad hair day is never fun!

I was searching in the "family" barn the other day and found this precious rocking chair that is also a step stool when you turn it over. It was Cousin Katie's when she was little and she is letting us borrow it. Bella LOVES it and sits in it every morning with her Raggedy Ann doll.

Just some other favorite pics...

Yesterday we went to the Dallas Arboretum which has an amazing pumpkin display. These days we don't get a lot of smiles in pictures from Bella so I was ecstatic to get this one.... even if it was a fake smile!

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