Saturday, December 20, 2008

"Santa!... some personal space, please!"

We went to see Santa Clause today and all in all it went better than I expected. I had been talking up going to see Santa all day and Bella had been practicing her "Ho, Ho, Hos." We waved and talked about Santa while standing in line but I think things started to go down hill when the little boy in front of us in line started to scream the minute his mother started to walk towards Santa's sleigh. Bella watched the little boy scream through his visit but when it was her turn she ran to the steps leading up the the sleigh. With confidence, I picked her up and sat her down beside Santa! I think mainly she was freaked out by his overall appearance... but honestly, if you think about it, when else do you ever see a huge old man, head to toe red & white, with a long bread and funny hat. She didn't scream or cry but there was no way she was going to let him get anywhere near her, much less actually come in contact with her. I am sure Marc is very proud that Bella is already learning to stay away from strange men! :)

But she did cozy up to the huge ornament near Santa's set up.

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