Friday, March 28, 2008

A week full of extra love!

Our family had a wonderful week! Marc's parents were in town for Easter and Bella loved the extra hugs, kisses and overall attention. She had two adoring grandparents to sit in the backseat with on every car ride... crawl around on the floor with and basically lavish her with love 24/7. She was in heaven and couldn't get enough!
Marc's parent (Nona & PopPop) on Easter.

A trip to one of our favorite places... the zoo!

...compared to the same picture 5 months ago.

I really wish she would stop growing.... it is all going by SO fast!

Bella showing her ice cream that PopPop shared with her.

YES... we let her have a few bites of ice cream now and then and YES, I am wearing overalls. No comments needed for either! :)

All the kiddos at Easter. Poor baby... she never get any attention!

I just love the look on her face!

Hanin' out with PopPop.

I bought some Easter eggs for Isabella to play with and they were a hit. But the smallest ones were to large to swallow but just small enough to shove in her mouth. Although she was adorable crawling around with an egg in her mouth...still made me nervous, so I threw them away!

She loves to swing!

My sister, Emily, took some beautiful pictures of Isabella so I could give them to the grandparents for Easter. They turned out great!!!

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Mama Em said...

LOVE the last fave is you in overalls, tho! ;)