Saturday, April 5, 2008

8 months and growing...

Sorry the 8 month post is a little late! Bella is doing wonderful and learning something new everyday. Marc and I are constantly amazed and just know she is the smartest baby EVER! :) Recently Bella has started to clap and loves to play "patty cake." She also loves to clap for herself. During bath time, Bella will pull herself up on the side of the tub and stand up... I tell her no and to sit down so she doesn't hurt herself. As soon as she sits down I tell her "good girl" and she claps for herself. But because she is so happy with her good behavior she continues to stand and sit over and over so she can then clap for herself.

Bella in her oatmeal sandbox! I got the idea from a magazine.... it is just a storage box with oatmeal in it. She plays in it on the porch or inside and if any oatmeal gets on the floor, I can just vacuum it out! Bella loves to run her fingers through the oatmeal and dig her feet down to the bottom!

Using Mommy's legs as a seesaw!

Bella in a box....

I was dusting our entertainment system and Bella crawled in one of the section and started to shriek because she could hear her own echo!

Getting love from cousin Sara...

Wiped out!!!

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