Friday, May 9, 2008

Teeth, tantrums and Tucker

Marc and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary last weekend in San Antonio... (hopefully I can get some of the pictures posted next week.) Anyways, Bella stayed with my parents. It was the first time we had been away from her for more than 24 hours. Yeah, I know she is almost a year old and I need to cut the cord but she is (usually) such a joy to be around that there is really no reason to need to get away. But our anniversary was one of them! We had a great time but I don't know that my parents did. Bella is/was teething two teeth at once and she is/was fussy and had fever all weekend.

Along with the pains of teething, Bella has entered a new phase in her life: throwing screaming tantrums. Well, I don't know that they can officially be called tantrums, but they are as close as a 9 month old can be to throwing tantrums. Someone seems to have flipped a switch on her one day and now whenever I tell her she can't play with my cellphone.... she screams. If I don't follow one bite of food immediately with another.... she screams. If she can't shred my grocery list while shopping... she scream. Needless to say, I will not be sad to see this phase fade out!

But even through the teething and tantrums.... she is still such a little angel and SO much fun! She is learning so much, it is hard to keep up. She has
.... mastered clapping and waving
...somewhat able to say "bye-bye"... although it comes out "dye-dye"
... learning how objects can go in and out of containers
... can stand on her own without holding on to anything for a few seconds
... can open cabinets, toilet lids and flip phones! :)
.... but the overall favorite new skill she uses everywhere we go is FLIRTING!!!
Bella wants/demands the attention of everyone in the room, whether she knows them or not. She plays peek-a-boo, offers them toys & Cheerios, waves and bats her eyes at anyone who will pay attention.

Below are a few recent pics:

Bella found Tucker's chew stick and really liked it...
.... and being the sweet girl that she is, she offered it to Tucker

( sorry, I accidentally erased the picture and can't get it back here!)

... who gladly accepted!
But then we he did not give it back... things got a little hairy!
Max then took the stick from Tucker, but Bella was ready to fight for it no matter who had it!
Bella's new play spot!

New favorite treat.... GOLDFISH!!!

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