Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Moving Day!

YEA!!! We are finally in our new house. Last Wednesday was our first official night. There is still a lot to be done but for the most part, we have our little nest set up.
Marc unloading my parent's garage where all our boxes were stored.
Isabella's room
Painting the living room...
Post painting...
Before: entryway... Marc is 'hammering' up the original, not so beautiful tile and grout.
After: entryway

Before: breakfast area.... YIKES!
After: breakfast area
the rest of the kitchen
Before: formal dining (note the metallic, barren tree wallpaper on the left)
After: dining... we are still working on replacing the western star light fixture
I'll post more pics once everything is a little more in order.

Here are just a few quick pics of Bella

Cuddling with Tucker!
Spaghetti face
Lovin' her new purse and blowing kisses!
The boys always seem to be in her way...
... but she showed them who was boss! :)

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Mama Em said...

I love your house- great job on the paint and flooring!!!

Love you-