Saturday, April 12, 2008

Joy's many blessing

Eight years ago I was in college and packing up my things for one of my MANY moves. As I was wrapping my things in newspaper, I came across the face of a precious, smiling girl. The picture was from her obituary. It took me many tries before I could actually read it in its entirety through my tears... but when I had I was blown away by what her family had written!!! Their relationship with God had allowed them to stay strong and know that their daughter was in a better place with Jesus. And because of their beliefs, they knew one day they would join her. I was so blown away by their strength during such a horrible time that I immediately looked up their address and wrote them a letter.

I have prayed and thought about their family many times in the past 8 years but for some reason today I was struck again by what I read so many years ago. I was sitting on the floor playing with Isabella when I thought of Joy.... and her family's loss hit me in a totally different way than it ever had before. My heart broke eight years ago for their loss but today it was ten fold.... looking into my own angel's eyes and thinking of my life without her. I jumped up and went searching for the letter and picture Joy's family had sent me in reply to my letter. Ironically, Joy passed away almost 8 years to the day, April 10, 2000. I know that none of this is a coincidence and that God put Joy's picture in front of me eight years ago for many reason.... but mainly to bless my life! In college, I was blessed by her family's unwavering trust in the Lord and his plan for their lives... and today she has blessed me by reminding me that I am not guaranteed a lifetime with my daughter, husband, family or friends and that I need to love and cherish each moment I have with them.

Below is Joy's obituary. I hope you are equally blessed!

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