Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Kick... kick... kick!!!

Bella and I have been going to swim class every Monday for about 2 months now. She loves being in the water and flirting with all the other kiddos.

She especially loves lounging whenever given the chance.

... or gnawing on the side of the pool.

She is up to staying under for 6-7 seconds now... which may not sound long to you but is eternity for me (and to any grandparents who might be sitting on the sidelines)!!! When she first started the class, going under was a huge surprise to her but she has quickly caught on and as soon as I place her on the side of the pool to start my count down... "Ready, go!"... she makes a very unhappy face! But always seems to hold her breath and come up smiling.... well, most of the time!

Love the face!!!

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Mama Em said...

I'm very impressed...that would be torture for me! However, I am hoping to get R swim lessons this summer, too...not looking forward to it. It's really smart, tho, especially in TX with so many pools...